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The beautiful and enchanting Lord loves his blissful cosmic dance. Love is His beautiful form. Krishna, Lord of Radha, who delights in playing the flute, fosters the Vedas. Rama, who carries a bow, and slew Ravana, was crowned King of Ayodhya. He is Lord Sai the savior of His devotees and resides in Puttaparthi.

The Lord who rests on the serpent is the personification of serenity. Worship charming faced Lord Gajanana, who has one tusk and who is worshipped by saints and sages.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Kindly help me cross the ocean of life and death as my life is unsteady and shaky, take care of me at every step of my life. The consort of Vishnu sits in a lotus flower and resides in Parthi. He is the incarnation of the kali age.

Please protect me O Lord of Parthi. Praise be to Krishna, the Divine cowherd - known as Madhusudhana. You supported the Mandara mountain, and destroyed the demon Madhu. He resides in Parthi and in our hearts. Eternal is His effulgence and exceedingly beautiful is His form.

He was the beloved treasure of Sage Vishwamithra. Lord of Radha, Madhava, moves about in Brindavan Gardens, and chanting His beautiful and sweet name confers immense happiness.

Chant the name of Lord Krishna who is the dearest son of Vasudeva. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. He walked the gardens of Brindavan and lifted the Mandara mountain to protect His devotees. He is Sathya Narayana, the embodiment of truth, bliss and knowledge.

Amba, Bhavani and Lakshmi. The flute-player is the cowherd boy Krishna. Without You, there is no one to protect us. Govinda is Vishnu and the slayer of the demon Madhu. Salutations to the Supreme Lord of the Universe.

Worship Lord Sai of Puttaparthi and of Shirdi. The Lord of Parthi, destroys the fear of birth and death and protects the destitute. You have a great collection of carnatic songs to download. Thank god, I got what I have been wanting. The enchanting Lord of Gauri wears the Holy Ganges in His matted hair and is the graceful divine dancer.

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Salutations to our Lord Shri Sai Ram. The Lord of Parthi is the embodiment of Supreme compassion. Salutations to Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda and the destroyer of the demon Madhu. We seek refuge, please grant us your protection. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use.

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Yours is the most beloved name in the whole Universe. Singing Your name redeems all miseries of the destitute and protects the devotees.

He is the cowherd son of Nanda and Yashoda, from Gokula. Pray to and always remember the auspicious Lord Rama, the beloved of Sita and the resident of Vaikuntha Heaven. He liberates us from the worldly attachments and destroys our sins.

He is the Lord of Lords, and ocean of mercy. He is Krishna, the beloved Lord of Radha. The atmosphere echoes with Shiva's name. Shiva, with the third eye of wisdom transcends space and time.

Sai, the eternal and marvellous form of love, truth, knowledge and bliss, grants eternal happiness and peace to those devoted to Him. He is the son of Nandha and His beauty equals the effulgence of a million suns. He is Lord of Mathura, who destroyed the demon Madhu. She bestows auspiciousness. Recite the name of Sai who is the lover of all faiths.

Devotees Experiences Share Your Experience. Chant the name of Sai Ram.

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We surrender to Lord Shiva who has three eyes, holds the celestial Ganges in His matted hair, and is adorned with the crescent moon on His head. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Lord Rama is difficult to realize, yet once realized, there is supreme bliss. His sanctified name grants love and dispels sins.

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Shirdi Sai Baba devotees experiences. Wake up means to be aware of atmic reality latent in us.

Welcome to Aruna Sairam Offical Site

December Season Aruna Sairam. Divine Inspiration Sairam, 3gp 2x video Aruna. Ksetra - Srirangam Aruna Sairam.

Lord Sai is the embodiment of Lord Shiva. He is Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvara, the beloved of devotees and supporter of all religions. Chant the name you choose with love and devotion. Son of mother Gauri, You grant success to those who worship you. Recite the names of the Lord Krishna Hari constantly.

The steale of butter our hearts and of Yashoda roams playfully in Brindavan. Glory to the supreme guru, Lord Sai. Chant the names of the Lord Sai Giridhara uplifter of Govardha Mountain and resident of Gokul who sustains and nourishes the virtuous. You are Lord Sathya Sai, who enjoys divine music. He grants spiritual knowledge and bestows auspiciousness.

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