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The script is crammed with humor and invention, and whoever came up with the idea of setting it at Christmas deserves a big medal. Sword of Sherwood Errol Flynn robs from the rich, gives to the poor and winks at the ladies in what is still the greatest screen version of this durable legend. Kite-riding ninjas, giant ninjas made up of tiny ninjas, burrowing ninjas, red-wigged teleporting demon ninjas, sword-pogo ninjas, ninjas that jump out of other ninjas when they get split in half.

The real Axe Gang then hires kung fu killers to redeem their good name, and the movie turns into live-action Looney Tunes. The sequel is an even funnier and sillier refinement of the first chapter, ditching some of the heavier elements and going all-in on the gags.

But it was a big step for Cage, especially when the film made buckets at the box office. Everything is as over-the-top as the foot-high mound of cocaine that a never-crazier Pacino dips his head into. The astonishingly intense final fight, marking the end of Leonidas. Filmmaking of this breadth and depth takes courage, wisdom and the formal skills to put your ambitions on the screen.

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Action movies had never before been this supercharged, nor would they be, by virtually anyone else. With its stunningly detailed visuals, rigorously controlled color scheme and clean, episodic storytelling, it remains the purest example to date of cinema-as-comic book. At which point, Sammo straps on his suspenders of justice and marches off to restore order, bare-knuckle style.

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Donnie Yen doubles down on his self-conscious cool, all peacock struts, leather jackets and skinny jeans as he infiltrates a Vietnamese gang with undercover buddy Wilson Louis Koo. But now, yeah, I'm thinking I'm back. Luckily, it's the rare blockbuster with charming human moments that doesn't feel the need to overcompensate with scenes of mass destruction or constantly apologize for its modest scale.

In a just world, the Braven -verse would be rapidly expanding every year. But the performances turn a crap sandwich into fried gold. Rambo lays waste to a bunch of soldiers with a mounted machine gun. The action genre is no longer made up of movies strictly meant to dominate the summer box office.

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By that point, even Hard Boiled seems too soft a title. You just need to know where to find them.

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The climactic shopping-mall showdown sees Jackie taking a death-defying three-floor plunge down a lighting wire. The movie is mostly a charming comedy of blue-collar manners until a satanically evil pimp takes a piss on paradise. It flirts with parody at points and gleefully crosses over into absurdity in others.

You might respect the hustle. Is their relationship sweetly touching or, given her age, troubling?

How do you think that goes? How many superheroes does it take to save a planet?

The aforementioned helicopter crash is a triumph of practical ingenuity. The Bride unleashes the five-point palm-exploding heart technique. He is really good at staying alive, and trying to kill him and failing just pisses him off. Jet and Tony walk on water in an aerial duel over a picturesque lake.

Yes, it's another Spider-Man movie. Many scholars have argued for the latter, but the myth took hold and persists to this day. The pleasure comes from hearing Hamm turn Gilroy's cynical, punchy dialogue into a sales pitch. When the microchip takes control of his body, his limbs flail about like they're being pulled by a digital puppet-master and the movie discovers a mischievously absurd tone. Just as impressively, Michelle Yeoh does a running leap onto a motorbike and burns her way through traffic in hot pursuit, eventually racing alongside a train and Evel Knieveling on top.

The Best Action Movies of 2017

Exquisitely-tailored contract killer Jeff Chow Yun-Fat, Hong Kong's finest actor accidentally damages the sight of nightclub singer Jennie while blasting a dozen gangsters to kingdom come. The trademark move, however, is the flying elbow to the top of the skull, just one of the many Muay Thai maneuvers with their own special nomenclature.

If not exactly smoothly assembled, the result still has a lot of puppyish charm, with the happy-go-lucky twosome at its fleetest, and the usual quotient of oof-tastic pratfalls. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon!

Rambo fires an exploding arrow at a bad guy hiding in a waterfall. Opponent has a large sword, Donnie has a dried cattail. It's hard work for an aging fighter to stay this spry. It's certainly not a perfect movie, but it knows how to singe your eyebrows off when it counts.

Bruce cannon So here it is. Was Akira Kurosawa was the most important director of Westerns to never actually make a Western? Sarah Connor's apocalyptic nightmare vision of L. He paid attention to the sounds of blades slipping into rib cages.

The movie is best remembered for a pair of high-speed car chases, staged with maximum realism through the streets and tunnels of Nice and Paris. When the action does erupt, however, the ebb and flow of strategy is that much more absorbing, the casualties hitting hard, gta vice city underground mod the payoff intense.

The mega-successful conspiracy-thriller franchise has reinvented the genre, kick-starting a new generation of gritty action movies by lending them the texture of real life. Where before there was endless deep-space dread and grimness, now there was fully fledged big-screen action. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores.

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How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. It'd probably turn out like this. And because it's a Marvel movie, there's a lot of Tony Stark, too.

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