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Dutch wedding costs Giving notice that you intend to get married in the Netherlands is typically free of charge, although there may be charges if additional documents are required. We need either the first result, or the fifth.

After the civil ceremony at the registry office, couples often have a religious or secular Dutch wedding as part of their celebration. Combining the two surnames into a new, official one is not permitted.

The scans are there, but not everyone will manage to find them. The first result is the index to marriage acts for names starting with P-Q. We need the date and act number to find the act itself. It must be drawn up and witnessed by a notary.

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As for the celebrations, if you want to go all Dutch, see our article on five Dutch wedding traditions to incorporate on your big day. Read more in our guide to divorce in the Netherlands. Free wedding ceremonies are typically offered on certain days or hours of the week, although they usually only include a simplified ceremony of a few minutes, no music and limited guests. First you have to find the act in a contemporary index. It opens the scan in a new window, where you can see more of the scan by default, you only see a small fragment of the scan.

The third and fourth result are for Loosduinen, a former independent town that is now part of The Hague. The fifth result is the marriage index for names in the range mage-raimo.

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The previous button is labelled Vorige, the next button Volgende. It is typically voided by marriage, and should be replaced by a marriage contract if you do not wish to follow the legal default. Dutch weddings Only civil ceremonies are legally recognised in the Netherlands. Read how to get Dutch citizenship.

Find a copy in the library

It can be arranged to hold the civil ceremony in a destination of your choice outside of the civil-appointed buildings, although that will cost extra. During the marriage registration process, you can choose on which date and in which municipality you wish to get married. Conditions for getting married in the Netherlands To get married in the Netherlands, at least one partner must be Dutch or a resident of the Netherlands.

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My impression is that the scans were just dumped onto the internet without much thought about how people might use them. Legal rights and consequences of Dutch marriage Dutch citizenship Marrying a Dutch citizen does not automatically grant you Dutch citizenship. Use the double arrow buttons to the right of the scan to scroll up and down, dominos dating policy and the double arrow buttons below the scan to scroll left and right. One or the other might not be recognised or easily understood in your home country.

From names starting with Paa on the first image, to names starting with Qui on the last. Users of the database can index the records they find, and by now many records are indexed, but there are also many unindexed records.

In some cases, it is possible to exclude certain items, such as an inheritance or bequested property, but this can only be done by the testator. Expatica makes every effort to ensure its articles are as comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we're also grateful for any help! The usual application process applies but you are more likely to be granted citizenship. The user interface is clumsy, navigation is hard, browsing and viewing scans is not intuitive, there is no proper index, there is no English user interface. We get a screen full of numbered buttons again.

You find these just above the scan. This guide helps you plan a Dutch wedding, explaining the process and paperwork, and the special requirements for foreigners. On the top of the scan you find a few small buttons. The registrar will tell you which documents you will need to show. This is not an impediment to marriage.

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Browse through the images until you find Pardoen see below how to view and browse through the images. Surnames Couples must keep their own names for official documents, such as a Dutch driver's licence or passport. However, couples may use either name or hyphenate both surnames in informal settings.

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Is there an English interface? If you get married in the Netherlands, the registration is automatic. In such cases, you can apply for a certificate of unmarried status in your last place of residence. The scans are available, but the city archive really should rewrite their user interface to make the scans accessible. Dutch wedding ceremonies Dutch civil ceremonies take place at your local town hall, and accommodations vary.

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