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This process see to it that no person will be deprived of life, liberty, or property without notice of charges, legal counsel, a hearing, and an opportunity to confront accusers. The term police can be defined in two ways.

It is the circumspect inspection of a place to determine its suitability for a particular operational purpose. Administered with respect to persons b. Police Regional Directors d.

Assume that you are a police officer and you found out that you have unjustly reprimanded police officer Juan de la Cruz. We do not guarantee that these questions will appear on the actual exam. Living with a woman not his wife b. People in early centuries believes that mans behavior is caused by good or evil spirits b. Phenomenological approach Ans.

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It is a morbid fear of ones self or of being alone. Which of the following does not belong to the group?

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Eviction or demolition of squatters calls for the policemen to, a. The best measure for the competence of police officer is? To be kind and respectful.

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Organizational development Ans. Train police officers in community relation program b. Absence of a complaining victim in the typology of crime is classified as public order crime or?


An industrial complex must establish its first line of physical defense. Vexing of humiliating other d. It is everyones duty and obligation regardless of his intelligence, degree of education, social standing, religion, sect, or color etc. Heredity and environment play a part in the behavior of an individual b. Sexual deviation is attained in this deviant behavior by watching nude man or woman.

Necessary target practice c. Plan for a police-community relation program Ans. Professional criminal Ans. Act according to ones judgment d. He may serve as a consultant in various agencies involved in criminal research or as a technician in dactyloscopy, ballistics and other scientific aspects of crime detection.

The promulgation of the Code of Kalantiaw was in what year? The cheapest form of police patrol.

What is an accusation based on probable cause by grand jury changing an individual with a specific crime? Widespread indifference and apathy of the community d. Criminal Physical Anthropology Ans. Make no apology but tolerate his behavior d. It is term as the relationship between the victim and the offender.

Which agency is responsible for the custody and rehabilitation of youthful offenders? Which is referred to as the group of citizens patrolling at night and armed with rattle to call for help?

He was referred to as the Father of Modern Criminology. Philippine College of Criminology. Maari po bang makahingi po ako ng reviewer niyo sa criminology maraming salamat po.

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This theory states that obedience to the norms of lower-class culture places people in conflict with norms of the dominant culture. Presidential Management Staff Ans. High level of education c.

Justice according to the Supreme Court is symbolically represented by a blindfolded woman holding a sword and with a balance, meaning it is? The goal of any juvenile justice system is to a. The purpose of a police public relations program is, a. However, they sometimes extend working hours due to, a.

Partisan police activities d. Psychoanalytic approach b.

Necessary apprehension of criminals b. Mass media has an influence on delinquent behavior d. Dominated by Pleasure principle, through which the individual is pressed for immediate gratification of his or her desires.

Crime Detection, Investigation and Prevention Reviewer. Use online resources like this free online reviewer to your advantage. It is a contemporary approach that relates behavior to events taking place inside the body, ielts general mock test specifically the brain and the nervous system.

Ability to make good reports d. Attitudes are inherited, not learned b. They play an important role by bringing criminal events to the police. Bureau of Corrections Ans.