Curious Play Episodes

Curious play episodes

He explains to George that a lot of stuff can fit into one small bag if it is put in just right, somewhat like putting together a puzzle. He figures that if The Man with the Yellow Hat lives with him, why wouldn't their new neighbor? George is excited seeing what they do and he would like to become a Zucchini. George sees the whistle Mr. George decides he would like to build an igloo of his own but he would like to make it big enough for all of his friends.

Curious play episodes

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Curious play episodes

At the museum, George discovers something he has never seen before-a vending machine and becomes curious as to how one works, thinking there is a farmer and an apple tree inside an apple machine. But putting away toys only to set them up again the next day really eats into play time. George becomes excited at the thought of a band, but the Man will not let George play his tuba. After a rainy country day, evergreen hits old tamil songs George finds a flock of ducks that have taken refuge in a puddle and spends the day playing with them.

The setting for most episodes is either The City which usually means Manhattan. Most episodes are set either in the city or in the country. List of Curious George episodes. But Gnocchi, always going to the chef whenever she sees him, starts walking across a tightrope to their act upsetting one of the Zucchini's who is allergic to cats.

After George polishes the ball he decides to give it a test roll. But when the person who was supposed to receive them sees them, George realizes his mistake. George eats the spaghetti but after putting salt in the sauce he catches a cold and is taken home, where he has a dream about a blues singing germ named Toots.

Curious play episodes

When George dresses up as robot everyone thinks he's a real robot. Since they find the park mini golf course too hard, they decide to build one of their own. George wants to save the flowers from being eaten by cows. The only problem, though is that George can't stay up at night to count all of them.

Curious George (TV series)

Lucky appears to have a crush on Hundley, which is unfortunate because Hundley is allergic to cats. George's room is getting very messy and George needs to clean it. In the process they learn all about acoustics and how things such as a carpeted floor and a high ceiling make things sound different. It is a fall country day and the Renkins have just gotten the latest fresh batch of honey from their own bee farm.

But it turns out Soo Berm is not a person, she is an elephant! Renkins used to command Bo and uses it to command Bo to stop the sheep from escaping but is not sure how. George follows him and they eventually meet in a place very far away from home.

Everyone in the country is excited about Allie's big dance party. George remembers how Bill had first taught him how to dive in Lake Wanasinklake to locate a lost throwing disc. But nothing cheers Hundley up until he figures out that good things come in all sizes.

Only problem is, the book is not selling. George soon finds that all the sand in the desert is the same shade of light brown, but he discovers how fruits and vegetables can be used to color the sand. During a garden trade show, George and The Man run into Juicy Jake, a man who uses his special juicer to make juices which are delicious, using only fruit.

List of Curious George episodes

List of Curious George characters. There is a big construction project going on on George's street and George is curious as to what is going on.

When they arrive, George meets an Indian chief named John, who shows him how he paints out of desert sand colored with natural chemicals. It is good for drivers but not Jumpy Squirrel who can no longer cross the road on a tree branch which was cut in front of the light and can't cross the dangerous road itself.

When the owner notices he awards George Employee of the Month and pays him, which makes the Man proud. When The Man goes to buy George a toy, George spies on him to find out what it is. It is the hottest day in the city and the city keeps suffering from blackouts.

When Professor Wiseman and George visit Chef Pisghetti he says that cooking is not about testing and experimenting like science and you need to follow a recipe exactly for the food to come out right. But he does have a long piece of spaghetti. Later, Bill tells him that only the wet sand down by the water is good for building.

Curious play episodesCurious play episodes

He does not know how to count from any number except one, so every time he makes a delivery, he must start on floor one and count his way up the building. But the Man accidentally wears it to a convention and George has to deliver the yellow hat.