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David benyamine erica schoenberg dating, david Benyamine Poker Girlfriend - David Benyamine Net Worth

The Schoenbergs lived in a small town with only three television stations and not much else to do, so Erica often spent time at the nearby racetrack with her dad. While studying for her degree in theater, Erica continued to work on her card skills in a variety of different games. He is engaged to Erica Schoenberg and has one daughter. After graduation Erica tried out a few different careers.

Schoenberg hails from Akron, Ohio. It just wanted in his nature to be relatively decent at something - Benyamine needed to dominate, or he just wouldn't be happy.

They would gamble on just about anything for just about anything, from pocket change to Erica being let out of her chores. Not only can she be seen sporting Mansion gear during live tournaments around the world, she is the spokesperson and face of the brand. The lure of the cards was strong, though, and eventually Schoenberg tried out a blackjack tournament. When he was forced to retire from professional tennis, Benyamine turned back to the game of poker. Gambling appears to be in her blood.

When they married they became the first couple to be sponsored by the same poker team - Team Poker Pro. Perhaps they can buck the trend and live a long and happy life together in their new Slovenian home! She also worked as a personal trainer and a kickboxing instructor.

Benyamine owed Patrik Antonius millions of dollars at one time. Since those lows, Erica Lindgren has pretty much laid low, and kept out of the public eye. At Ladies Night Out, Schoenberg placed fourth, one seat higher than Rousso and two places higher than the defending champ, Jennifer Tilly.

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Benyamine currently resides in Henderson, Nevada. Late spring, early summer of marked an incredible run for Erica. Except during tournaments like the World Series of Poker, she tries to limit herself to playing eight hours per day, five days a week, and leaves herself some time for other things she enjoys. He didn't just want to be good - he wanted to be the best.

Lindgren and Schoenberg married in Santa Barabara just one month after the Black Friday poker disaster, and not much has gone right for him since. Along with the invitation to Ladies Night Out, Schoenberg landed a sponsorship deal out of her finish at the World Championship. Though she had a knack for numbers and an affinity for gambling and card playing, she first put those brains to work in college rather than in casinos.

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Eventually, a year later, Erica and some friends convinced him to seek counseling for an addiction to gambling. About Erica Schoenberg Erica Schoenberg If there is such a thing as predetermination or destiny, Erica Schoenberg is a good example of it. By the way, I call her Erica Schoenberg for familiarity reasons. With betting in her blood, Erica grew up gambling as a natural pastime.

Does it get any better than that? The summer of was a particularly good one for Benyamine. On her Twitter account, she now refers to herself as Erica Lindgren. Who knows - this is just what we've heard.

Unavailable to travel to Las Vegas to play, Benyamine turned to the Internet. Benyamine's fiercely competitive nature and unmatched stamina have propelled him to the top of many different games. This ended up being a big break for Benyamine, though I am sure that it was unbelievably crushing at the time. Benyamine would play for days on end until he had lost all of his money, and then return to France. With professional success and good lucks, Erica Schoenberg became the Jennifer Aniston of the poker world, in terms of speculation and gossip about her love life.

In fact, her very first win at a competition wasn't at the felt but at the Knox County Math Championship. He is apparently very superstitious and would insist on creating a new account if he had a particularly bad run of cards. She spent time working as a model and gave pro beach-volleyball tournament play a shot. He finally relented and asked for hers and romance was soon in the air. This fueled suspicion amongst the authorities who had stopped him, and Benyamine was sent packing back to France.

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David Benyamine Poker Girlfriend - David Benyamine Net Worth

With card-loving parents, a career in the casinos seemed natural for Schoenberg. He broadened his focus to include other interests as a teenager, but never fully lost his love for the game. Benyamine's problem, according to Barry Greenstein, is that he would usually drop his hard-earned money in Las Vegas cash games. In their spare time, the family would play cards or place bets on nearly everything. Schoenberg has credited those early gambling experiences with helping develop her math skills.

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David Benyamine Erica Schoenberg - David Benyamine Net Worth

By her own admission, she seems to be fulfilling a destiny set out for her when her parents met years ago while gambling at the Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, Calif. According to an article on PokerListings. Since then, Benyamine has played pretty much exclusively on Full Tilt Poker under his own name.

Tournament Placing

Her wide variety of hobbies include spending time with boyfriend and fellow pro David Benyamine, playing beach volleyball, watching college basketball, and keeping up with Ultimate Fighting action. Just like every other endeavor in his life, David dove in headfirst, ingesting every piece of information about the game that he could lay his hands on. Rumors always seem to be swirling around David Benyamine. The details are quite sketchy, postdating checks california law but apparently David was traveling from France to play in some World Series of Poker and Bellagio events.