Drake Comeback Season Mixtape

Although not as consistent as Room For Improvement, Comeback Season is still an excellent mixtape, with plenty of great tracks. Drake is a great singer and rapper and maybe he should find a passion in singing because his voice really makes you think about what your listenig to.

Comeback Season is interesting to listen to, as you can clearly hear Drake's stylistic and musical differences from then, to now. Smashes in the car too if u got a system.

Comeback Season

Drake s Comeback Season Is The Mixtape That Made Him A Hip-Hop Star

So take it or leave it cause this nigga can spit bottom line. Looks like the nigga's been shopping out of Common's and Mos Defs closet. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Drake turns in one of his best lyrical performances on this song.

There's enough variety on here to keep the listener interested, and enough excellent tracks to make you listen to the album again. For the most part, the beats are new, but some of the beats he chooses to rap over are pretty familiar grabbing beats from people like Kanye West and J Dilla.

Drake comeback season

Damn first you guy's hate all over Soulja Boy for rapping about stupid stuff now when Drake comes around rapping about real shit a lot of people can relate to and a lot of you bash him. Nonetheless, Drake met his expectations with Comeback Season, and continued to keep a hype bubble around him. This song has Drake and his guests rhyming about relationships, and how rappers are perceived to only care about sex when dating, genesis mama mp3 but that they themselves aren't shallow like that.

Can't knock it til u listen to it ya dig. If you're a fan of soulful, chilled-out hip hop, you'll definitely appreciate Comeback Season. Does this nigga have a part in his head, wit a skin fade on the side? So I gotta give this a try.

After Room For Improvement came out, Drake gained a lot of buzz in the mixtape circuit, and had high expectations placed on him after that. How to Download Contact Us. And to kind of put it simply man if he looks like a fag, shit i wonna look like one too cuz this fag sure is gettin in ur girls panties after his show.

None of the guest spots really affect the enjoyability negatively, they mostly add to it, as they give good performances. Comeback Season is Drake's second best project, and you could tell he was putting a lot of effort into it.

Maybe if his hype had started dropping he could drop the ball and start making money songs, but damn he is everywhere, payed, and has what looks to be a sick album on the way. Many rappers now adays so thirsty, they'll rap about whatever the media thinks they should. Wow, I'm actually shocked these are some decent mixtapes.

Nonetheless, if you're a fan of mellow hip hop, with a lot of substance, you owe it to yourself to listen Comeback Season. Damn for real get off the nigga looks u fags yall spend more time lookin at the pic then listenin to the music the guy is sick.

Another excellent mixtape from Drake with diverse sounds. Money Remix Featuring Nickelus F. Drake in my book, is one of the realest, cuz from the jump he told media he wasn't no d boy or anything like that.

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Mixtape Republic

Comeback Season has some freestyles over well-known tracks, with original tracks as well, just like on his debut mixtape. Outro Attachment Size comebackseason.

Even if you don't feel Drake, listen to the first one, you're gonna realize he has skillz. Yall niggas need to stop judging books by the fuckin cover. What the fuck do you people want from Rappers anyways? Video Girl Featuring Sean G. Man of the Year Freestyle feat.

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Drake Comeback Season

Over copies of this mixtape were sold. Although the subject matter is repetitive, it doesn't affect the mixtape too much, as Drake keeps it interesting and enjoyable to listen to. The guest spots on here all help the tracks, as they add flavor and variety. Room for Improvement is a mixtape by Canadian rapper-actor Drake representing T.