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Heartbroken by what she has just learned, she decides to keep her love for him a secret. He realized he had failed to appreciate her presence. Everyone attends his wedding as Pooja finally arrives.

Harris Jayaraj Complete Discography 3 (254 Songs)

The movie ends with Shaam accepting Pooja's love for him. All tracks written by Bhuvanachandra. She's no longer the same girl she was back then, as she is much more mature now and not as tomboyish as she was back then.

The music and background score were composed by Harris Jayaraj. Shaam realizes that Pooja is the one that was meant to be for him but not Priya. The film released after several delays in and went on to win critical and commercial success.

The film went through production hell, with three years being spent on the announcement till release. While he realizes he's in love with Priya and on the other hand, Pooja realizes she's in love with Shaam. Shaam and Pooja had respectively decided to reveal their love to the ones they love on coming Valentine's Day. Over sometime, Shaam has come to realize he missed Pooja's presences and is much fond of her now.

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Kanavu Periaya Kanavugal lyrics. Art director Thotta Tharani created a college campus for the film to be shot in, with his work drawing appreciation.

Ullam Ketkumae

She is a fun-loving tomboyish and naive girl, who is best friends with Shaam. The friends gather for Imaan's wedding, years after everyone has parted ways.

On that day, Pooja learns beforehand that Shaam is in love with Priya instead. Meanwhile, back in India, everyone else is helping Imaan with the preparations for his wedding and catching up with their long lost college friends.

Other Enai Panthada Songs. Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi released almost a year before this one. When Priya finds out Shaam's in love with her, argo 2012 she rejects his love.

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Harris Jayaraj Complete Discography 3 (254 Songs)

As she believes in a more traditional approach towards finding a life partner. You may also be interested in. Right before her departure, she decides to pass Shaam the Valentine's Day card she had wanted to hand him during their college days and revealed her love for him.

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Imaan and Irene meet for the first time, after a long time. Shaam Arya Laila Asin Pooja. Now back to the present day, the wedding day of Imaan.

The film tells the reunion of five friends who were together at college and exploring their relationships during the years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.