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Josie harris dating, taylor-Brewer Family of Lawrence County, Alabama

Taylor-Brewer Family of Lawrence County, Alabama

When Bailey grabs Jayden's lapels, Jayden pushes him away, causing Bailey to hit his face on a locker. Jayden takes his anger out on Bailey and arranges a fight. Paul forces a confession from Jayden and tells Sue that he will not press charges if she steps down as interim mayor. He explains that he tried to set Stephanie Scully Carla Bonner up, as he believed he had accidentally started the fire by smoking in the principal's office. Jayden is later caught working without a hard hat during an inspection.

Jayden proves to be a very poor worker and Amy is hard on him, hoping that he will quit, but she ends up with a workplace bullying warning. When he goes outside to relieve himself, Paige films him and counter blackmails him into keeping quiet about what he saw. Amy then offers him an apprenticeship, which he accepts.

Leo Tanaka Tim Kano is injured by some falling concrete slabs and Jayden tells Rafael Humphreys Ryan Thomas that his mother asked him to loosen the ratchet straps on the truck carrying the slabs. He gets on well with his parents, but has a love-hate relationship with his twin sister Imogen Ariel Kaplan. Sue and Jayden are questioned by the police and they later receive a six-month prison sentence each. He avoids getting suspended by blackmailing Bailey into saying Ben started the fight.

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Jayden trashes Sonya's Nursery when he learns Paul Robinson Stefan Dennis intends to hold a press conference there to announce his intentions of becoming mayor again. After learning Paige is in trouble with the police, Jayden taunts and insults her. Bailey later invites Jayden and his friends to his house to drink.

She arranges a date at the Men's Shed and makes Jayden eat strawberries laced with laxatives. However, Bailey gives Jayden and his friends alcohol to stop the fight. Jayden admits to Brad that his parents are fighting, and Brad encourages him to use his anger on the football field instead.

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Amy struggles to tell Jayden that he is fired, but he realises what she is trying to do and goes to collect his belongings. When Jayden mentions Bailey's recently deceased father, Bailey lashes out at him and Jayden leaves.

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Bailey tells Josie Mackay Kate Mylius that Jayden has been bragging about the things they did while they were together, dating hazel atlas glass and she confronts him. Jayden leaves when he and Bailey argue over Josie. Jayden and Bailey later spend time together getting drunk and vandalising the Erinsborough memorial wall.