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Or they're head cases who exist by sucking up to the arrogant head-boy types.

All in all, it doesn't sound highly recommended, but it is, sons de instrumentos musicais online dating really. They really highlight some of the aspects of Japan that are so completely different from life in America.

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Villain by Shūichi Yoshida

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The pace is good, the writing tight and the scenes at an abondoned lighthouse are very evocative. Through their eyes and voices, the book shifts between the past and present, slowly building a complete picture of victim and perpetrator. There's only the merest nod to genre convention in terms of keeping the reader guessing as to who the killer is. Doesn't really capture the tone of the story at all.

It doesn't really work as a traditional crime novel, but as a portrait of modern Japan its well worth reading. The author is not really concerned with the question of whodunnit, so much as whydunnit. The cast of construction workers, insurance saleswomen, store assistants, barbers, and poor retirees is almost a neorealist slice of modern Japan, showing the decided unglamorous side of the country.

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