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He tells Leela not to be ashamed of his name as this is his identity. Dadaji gets happy and tells Leela to sit with him. One day Radha goes for a shoot of a jewellery ad in which she has to pose as a Bride.

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This Video has been reported. Dadaji gets angry seeing her collecting donation for Janmasthami. She asks her father how he understood. No one realises this was part of Dadaji's scheme to have Radha thrown out of the house. Unable to prove her innocence, Radha is thrown out of the house.

Dadaji tells Leela not to do anything which will leave him ashamed in front of them. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Internet Explorer By Microsoft. He tells Leela that he has only wish that his family stays together and his family is incomplete without him.

Renuka tells Radha not to do melodramatic roles as she is bad in this. At last, the chaturvedis are united. Radha tells that life sometimes makes one cry and that day it happened. Radha tells Renuka that she wants to be freed from this relation. He tells that his dadaji got happy coming here.

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali. Leela tells his dadaji that he will make all arrangements so that he is comfortable. Radha tells that Leela behaves strangely about his name. He tells Leela that whatever she did today was right. After much persuasion, 3d architectural rendering software Radha agrees to stay.

He tells that he was a struggler in this industry. Actor Kabir proposes to Radha.

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Both families try to end the story here. At this time Radha is a well known actress. Radha lives in Mumbai with her family. He tells her to be happy as he is going to make sev-puri. She is on her scooty and crying.

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The police come and arrest most of the members of the party. This article needs additional citations for verification. She tells him to leave but he stops her from closing the door. Dadaji is on the way to temple with Shambu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

She tells Leela that his parents gave him the right name. All videos hosted on third party websites. She asks Leela how that happened between her and Leela.

Leela tells that he is not having any problem. He asks Leels if he is happy.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Scene shifts to the day of her audition. Dadaji decides to have them married according to proper rites and rituals. Renuka tells Radha that she teased Leela a lot on his name.

Mere Rang Main Rangne Wali

They both refuse to accept this. The video of their marriage goes viral. Sulochana asks Leela if someone said anything to her.

Radha is collecting donation. Leela tells his mother that he will get his name changed today. She tells her mother not to ask anything else to her as she is irritated. She wants to become an actress.

Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali Suryaveer Mp3 Download

Radha arrives at the police station claiming she never made a complaint against her in-laws. That same day, Dadaji falls ill and is paralysed. Renuka tells that what is funny to her may not be the same for others.

Pakistani Dramas Indian Dramas. She throws a shot and Leela gets hurt.

Leela tells that he is very happy. Toggle navigation Pakfiles. Radha, an aspiring actress, lives in Mumbai with her family. The situation turns when the video of Radha and Leeladhar's marriage goes viral over the internet.

He tells Dadaji that his friends feel that his name is a bit longer and calls him L. She asks if there is no respect for values. Neha tries to get them married with the help of her brother Abhishek who later falls for Janhvi. Leela tells Radha that she must have destroyed his mobile. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don't do it.

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