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She was the only contact Alan had on him. She had given him her card and the police called her since they had no other contact. No matter what he said, his search for me spoke louder. It upsets me how people can make such a incocent girls life miserable in the real world for other people to judge her. If you will read this book you will be encouraged in your daily life!

Alan is reeling from the untimely death of his wife, McKale, and also the loss of his business and home from a rather unscrupulous business partner. Don't just assume everything is fake and made up because it came from a celebrity. After listening to peoples opinions on Miley made me wanna read this book. Can I just say that this book, quite literally, has changed my life? She says that her stage prescence came from being on stage all the time with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

They sounded like inspirational posters. Great story line and love each character.

Miles to Go is the second book in the series. Then, the day came when Alan could walk alone for miles and not feel any pain. And now for the first time, she will discuss it all-the milestones still left to reach driver's license! When I started this book, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it that much, yes, I like Miley, dav video file player but I'm not a huge fan.

Chapter Twenty-one My father came. Thank goodness for the predictive spelling and choice of words to help.

After his business went under and he lost everything, he had his assistant, Falene, liqudate office furniture and other items and deposit the money into a bank account to finance his walk. As Alan Christoffersen writes in his journal of his journey walking across the United States we learn a lot of life lessons. This is the kind of person you'd love to be friends with. The only uncertainty is whether or not we will rise to greet it.

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Open Preview See a Problem? One of the things that she makes very clear through constant quotes of Bible verses is her devoutness to God. What a cool story I can't wait to see where Alan and his journey Both physical and insightful takes us next! He had nothing, so he decided to walk.

This book will make you question your purpose on earth. She just released a free album, btws She's not afraid to be herself and she shouldn't have to be. He loved her, but he loved his wife more.

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Thank goodness for library checkout and bookstore clearance tables. Oops, my bad, I mean co-write it.

His writing is also bland. But the real reason I gave this book only one star is becasue of her reference to God and Jesus. That these moments are given to us is neither accidental nor cruel. There were a few nicely written parts, about how she used her left hand for creating and her right for caring, or something. In this small novel Alan wakes up in a hospital in Spokane, Washington with three knife wounds to his stomach, inflicted by a gang.

As caring as she is he sees that she has her own buried hurts and secrets. In order to survive, he just packed up and started his trek to Key West in order to survive.

My Take A beautiful, well-written second book in The Walk series, this book is rich in life lessons and character development, two things I love in a novel. The book was all about mileys life. She tells us, also, about her journey to get to being Hannah Montana and being on Disney Channel. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. And some parts of the book feel too rushed while others are too long and too elaborated.

And so, with new friends, comfort and strength, Alan once again sets out for Key West, Florida. You want to look like a perfect Disney Christian.

Miles to Go

Alan is in the hospital in Spokane after being attacked and stabbed by a gang. With heavy use of inverted commas. And the great don't just climb mountains, they carve them as they go. His plan to walk to Key West, Florida from Seattle, Washington was interrupted when he was mugged, stabbed, and left to die on the side of the road in Spokane, Washington.

Elderly woman at the end of the book? Apart from that I did find the book interesting to read. But help is on the way in the form of the women's toilets where they are readily available. It was those who had the time. There are many parts of sadness and some in depth portraits of the people he met on his long journey by foot.

Miles to Go (The Walk 2) by Richard Paul Evans

Miles to Go