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The Ocean Album

The music fits the lyrics quite nicely. Stranded on I sinking boat Though the stormy weather above the sea Trying to see ahead in the fog Lost here at sea but I'll see it though Fight for my survival.

Deep in the Ocean

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Summer is a wonderful time for relaxing somewhere at the seaside or on an ocean beach. Hillsong Lyrics provided by SongLyrics. Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia.

Make sure to explore those sections, too. We feel more grounded and connected to Earth. Absolute silence is about the most unnatural thing in the world. Because it contains all frequencies it can be used to mask all other sounds.

Please focus on the song and not the demo. What does this song mean to you? In my next post I'll share some worksheets based on this sea song lyrics and featuring the sea life vocabulary.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. These are the kinds of strummings on acoustic that appeal to me. Mighty Hiss In this sound, a fresh breeze from the Mediterranean Sea blends with waves and very soft rain. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Paints the picture perfectly.

Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. The melody follows the lyrics in a seamless way. Great lyrics, nice melody, Well done. Secure Payment via PayPal or credit card.

Simply cut out the pictures or the words and have fun playing the game. Very cinematic lyrics and the journey is sung well by the troubadour.

But the most fascinating thing about sea is the underwater world with all amazing sea creatures and seaweeds. Ive got a heart without a home. Neither are they artificially generated, only resembling nature.

Ocean Sounds for sleep and relaxation. Oceans Where Feet May Fail. As a string of pearls and pretty girls go sailing by Ocean Deep - Im so afraid to show my feelings I have sailed a million ceilings - in my - Solitary room. Oceanic Smoothy Warm rain, dvd ripper full version with crack deep in the woods.


Lyrics are wonderful with a dream-like feel to them. The Real Thing My sounds are the real thing. Mellow Waves This beautiful rainy atmosphere from a silent nocturnal jungle is slightly more intense. Rain is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on Earth, feeding life in many types of ecosystems. At SonicSoothing you get realtime recordings of pure pristine nature!

For example, If you work in an open plan office or if you are distracted by traffic noise, put on noise-cancelling earphones and play some rain sound. It makes all the difference.

Listening to it demonstrably reduces stress hormones and tensions in the body. Having the same acoustic properties as its man-made cousin, white noise, rain sound is successfully used in tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy, e. The second set includes cards only with pictures while the words are placed on individual cards. Then please tell others about it! Create new account Request new password.

Classic and such good writing and performance! Watch the Ocean Song video on Youtube. Name Email Address Message Submit.

Therefore, sounds of nature like rain sounds can help us with letting our creative juices flow. The music has a classic folk feel but it doesn't feel dated.

Cliff Richard - Ocean Deep Lyrics

This is bold text and this is normal text. Good to know p What's Rain? Wonderful combo of music and lyrics.