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At her funeral procession, Thamarai comes in a car with her husband and is shocked to find her mother dead. While Dhanasekar and his brothers perform their mother's funeral, Thamarai comes along with Akash following their wedding. This makes Dhanasekhar realize his err. However, it is revealed that Bhoomi is alive.

Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramayya, Yuvan. Edit Storyline Rajkiran returns to his ancestral village after almost two decades only to find his house in a dilapidated state. Tamizh also stays in a tent near the construction site managing the construction activities.

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Arun drives the bus, which has Bhoomi and a dead Vishal, to Dhauli's area. Shattered by the loss of his friend, Arun decides to finish off Vishal, Dedha and Dhauli. He apologizes to Jeeva for confusing her predetermined mind in the name of love and he also requests her to marry Ranjith who is about to get released from jail soon. When confronted, however, both of them break down, bringing them closer to each other.

Vishal, scared off with Jeetu's murder, boards an intercity bus which would lead him back to Dhauli's area, but Arun and Bhoomi confront Vishal and finally kill him. Arun, shattered by the entire scene, tries to shower his love on Bhoomi, old telugu movie mp3 songs sites who is unconscious on a hospital bed. Bhoomi and Arun look down at the pond having succeeded in their mission. Watched Tamil Movies - Kollywood.

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Dhanasekar gets furious and lodges a complaint with the police following which Vinu Chakravarthy is arrested. Rajinikanth, Gautami, Raghuvaran. He takes the bomb and throws it away before it could explode thereby saving all the family members and also the newly built home.

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Arun and Bhoomi are shamed. Tamizh leaves to his home on the next day. After a long scuffle, Dedha dies from his injuries. He unites Jeeva with Thamizharasan. However, he crashes into an iron pole and dies from his injuries.

Dhanasekhar is an old-fashioned man strongly rooted in the traditions. Sanjay Dutt makes comeback in one of the worst films of the year! Dhanasekhar's family arranges Thamarai's marriage with someone else and gets her engaged.

The movie ends with both Tamizh and Jeeva getting united. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Dhanasekar comes to know about the love between Jeeva and Tamizh. Music composed by Bharathwaj.

She meets Tamizh and conveys her love. Audible Download Audio Books. Jeeva though not interested in the proposal, agrees to marry her uncle Ranjith for the well-being of her family. Also, Ranjith says that he does not want to marry any one and instead he prefers to stay single along with all the family members. Dhanasekar decides to build a new bungalow adjacent to his ancestral home in the village and plans to live there.

Bhoomi Movie Mp3 Songs Free Download

Bhoomi p HdPandavar Bhoomi Tamil mp3 songs download

The film received critical acclaim from critics. But on the other hand, Jeeva decides to express her interest in marrying Tamizh.

As the construction work progresses, Arun Vijay gets closer to Rajkiran and his family members. Later, as she regains consciousness, she finds Vishal asphyxiating her to near death in Bhagwan Talkies. Kathiresan, a metal worker, is infatuated by Manimegalai, a nurse. As the construction work progresses, Thamizharasan gets closer to Dhanasekhar and his family members. All music composed by Sachin-Jigar.

He befriends Shamitha, Rajkiran's niece and eventually falls in love with her. Sasikumar, Vijay Vasanth, Bharani. Arun next goes on a scaring spree by haunting Vishal, following him everywhere.

Dhauli hits Vishal when he comes to know of this. They are a close-knit family living a happy life, setting an example for the entire village. Earth is a Indian action drama film directed and co-produced by Omung Kumar. Ajith Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Vidharth. Vinu Chakravarthy lives in the same village and he hates Dhanasekar and his family.

Pandavar Bhoomi Tamil Movie

Vinu Chakravarthy, another landlord doing agriculture is a money-minded person. To avenge for his father, Vinu Chakravarthy's other son Mukesh Tiwari poisons a water body killing all the bulls owned by Dhanasekhar. So, Ranjith beats up Vinu and his son Mukesh.

Despite her warnings, Vishal stalks her, much to her chagrin, and she slaps him back when he tries to force-assert his love, admitting that he is only her friend. The soundtrack album was composed by Bharathwaj. Ranjith gets released from jail around the same time the house gets ready for occupation. The family members then decide to get Jeeva married to Tamizh.

Tamil-language films Indian films Films directed by Cheran films s Tamil-language films Indian drama films Tamil film scores by Bharathwaj. When Rajkiran comes to know of this, he reveals the tragic past of his family which forced them out of their own village years ago. Bhoomi is further shamed in the society when some people write her phone number on the walls. Thamizharasan gets to know of this and foils the plot.

But she is in no mood to pay heed to her family and elopes with her lover. Ranjith also believes that Thamarai has reborn in the form of Jeeva and feels happy that he got back his lovable sister whom he killed out of anger. Bhoomi goes back to Neeraj, and begins preparing for her big day. Vishal, Dedha, and Dhauli take turns in raping Bhoomi, and she falls unconscious. Sukanya Verma, writing for Rediff.

Tamizh also likes Jeeva and slowly friendship transforms into love for Tamizh. All the villagers feel happy over welcoming him back to the village. When Tamizh proposes his love to Jeeva, she leaves the place without replying which makes Tamizh understand that she does not have any feelings for him. He agrees to rebuild their house of their liking. India portal Film portal Bollywood portal.

She is besides herself and tells her father to kill them all. Neeraj returns, trying to pacify her, but she asks her if he can clean the wall and erase her number from the wall.

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That is when they see the couple sitting together. Jeetu is tortured, and reveals information. Vijay Sethupathi's next with the National Award winning director? Dhanasekar and Manorama warn Thamarai to forget Akash and they plan to get her married immediately with someone else. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.