Rainmeter Skins For Windows 8

As the name suggests, NewsPaper is best Rainmeter skins that make your desktop look like a newspaper with added widgets. You have to download the Rainmeter along with skins or themes which you like.

Neon Space is a very futuristic looking skin for Rainmeter. The whole desktop is entirely covered with a painted view.

Enigma comes with more than options and settings that allow you to change the user interface according to your liking. You can arrange block by your style so that you can access them more convenient. All things like icons, fonts, wallpapers, etc. The skin is completely one of a kind with great animations and icon packs.

Rainmeter desktop customization toolRainmeter Skins

This is one of the best imagination themes from RainMeter library that will change your desktop to resemble the End of the World theme. So, here is the detailed instruction on how to install rainmeter themes or rainmeter skins.

Best RainMeter Skins and Themes Windows 10/8/ - Updated Today - LyncConf

It is a helpful tool where you can upload a file. At the same time, the visual of your screen will look like architecture model and every app will be inside the structure. This is the smallest and easiest to set up the theme you will ever see. This is why they have taken certain steps to ensure a safe and secure experience for their customers.

Today, in this article I will show you how to customize your old windows pc and give it a new look. You will be amazed to know that the even the rocket dock is customizable and it contains the shortcut of the most used applications of your windows pc. RainMeter is one of the most popular software that you can choose so that you could change the skin in your Windows interface. Your taskbar will appear the same way as it always did before and so will your other desktop icons. The users get a wide range of widgets to choose from to be added on the desktop using the Simple Media skin.

It will provide you with a classic and straightforward view of your screen and great mood every time you see it. It even has the power options right on your desktop that can allow you to shut down, sleep, or even restart your computer. It offers numerous creative features to all the users. This rainmeter theme is loaded with beautiful icon packs and eye-catchy backgrounds. This rainmeter theme is customizable from top to bottom.

You can get all relevant things in fronts of you such as memory space, system status and everything from one single bar. This rainmeter skin is derived from the most popular rainmeter theme, i. This theme is power-packed or you can say fully loaded to change the look of your windows desktop completely.

Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows PC (10//7) Download

Even then this skin looks quite good in terms of its look and feel. It will not help you set up dual screen or even help you with minimizing or maximizing an already open application.

Or even if the user wanted to create his or her own skin, they would need to have some knowledge of programming language. It will arrange your icons like structure in a sequence with a shelf. The effects will get you in deep space with numerous features that will allow you to customize widgets, background, icons, folders, weather and much more.

Turn your desktop more personal and customize it as you wish. You can also access all shortcuts that you need from desktop screen. Apart from having widgets, the Aliens skin also has the support for adding the shortcuts of your most used applications right on your desktop. Download this rainmeter skin with beautiful wallpapers and enjoy the view and look of your old desktop or laptop. Your email address will not be published.

If you like customizing your computer, the sims hot date expansion pack then Rainmeter can be a great application to do so. Horde is a dark coloured rainmeter skin.

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You can also enjoy in music player widget where you can change, play and pause the track instantly. Therefore, you will find backgrounds of the earth with perfect looks and completely different widgets, clock, icons and other add-ons that will keep you involved. Rainmeter is an application for Windows desktops and laptops. New authors that do not have much profile information. There are lots of effects that you can download directly from RainMeter database, but this particular one will provide you simple and clear desktop with a live screen that looks like Razor.

15 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10/8/7 PC (FREE)

We always welcome valuable suggestions from our readers. All you need to do is download the rainmeter theme and tweak it with some options and you are good to go with the new look of your pc. Here, you may find various tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your desktop as well as some common troubleshooting guides. Are still wary of downloading a skin use VirusTotal?