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Spread solace to the world were in Let your heart and soul be mirror dear. Aasmaan Gar Terey Talwoonka. Give yourself in love of him Be like Al-Habib. Be patient and know that Someday you will return to him.

Yet when you master all of this Forget not your neediness. Allah Allah Nabi Ka Gharana.

Amongst wearings, he such as Kurta-Shalwar one of the most. Likewise, Naat Sharif is recited in abundance in mosques, homes and religious gatherings in the month of Ramazan and dhul hijjah. We are committed to become the best Naats portal online. Be the slave of the most merciful Take your light from Al-Habib. Be with all creation in all your deeds And words as though you have no self to please.

Ya Nabi Salam Alaika

Aay Shehanshahe Madinah Assalato Wassalam. Ya Nabi saw salam alayk Ya Rasool salam alayk.

Wow beautiful naat collection. Let your kindness come like rain That cares not whom it falls upon.

Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri is the King of Naat Khawans around the world as well as no doubt, the most heartedly loved and applauded. Hadaiq-e-Bakhshish in Unicode form with search, bookmark and sharing facilities. Naat Collection of Best Naat sharif. Like nothing else exists And worship him like you are seen. However there are very few resources out there to keep the trend alive by sharing the best Naat collection online.

Shine your mercy like the sun And be gracious as the earth. Our Naat collection is in multiple languages and we provide the lyrics as well. So shine your mercy like sun Send your light across the earth.

Aao Mil Kar Jashne Wiladat. Le your faith be like a blessed tree Give your shades to all who seek. We will keep adding Naat-Khawan on regular basis. He recited thousands of naats and have a huge collection of Hamd o Naat Albums, Some of his albums are listed above on FaizaneNaat.

Ya Nabi Salam Alaika Fasihuddin SoharvardiNaat Sharif Ae Saba Mustafa Se Keh Dena MP3 by Alhaj Owais Raza Qadri

His dearest close friend is Mohammad Shoiab Qadri. These verses are known as Naat or Nasheed. May you be as one of them Be as gentle as the whispering breeze.

Awais Raza Qadri created the document for the most variety of guests in a Naat Khuwan. Aay Meray Malik Meray Parverdigaar. Aleef Allah Chumbay Dee Booti. Learn Namaz step by step for both Men and women with Audio recitation.

Allah Allah Kareye Taa Gal. According to Owais Raza Qadri, the most unforgettable minute of his life has not shown up yet. Call on him humility Be Place your trust in the one. As Subhu Bada Min Talatihee. Aalahazrat ke naat saref kis naat kha ke pas mele ge.

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Naat is written in the form of poetry. Other than Makkah and Madina, the nation of Pakistan is his most preferred. Maulana Ilyas Qadri - Islamic Scholar.

Through their gaze and through Your love for them. Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Allah.

With the light of your sincerity Break the clouds of tyranny. Were it not for Allahs grace None of this can be achieved. Wow, sean paul all songs mp3 beautiful naat collection.

Ajab Rang Par Hai Baharemadinah. He has done his intermediate. And know that certainty Will bring tranquillity. And in your deepest need And in your deepest grief.

Ae Bayaban E Arab Teri Baharon Ko Salam Mp3 Download

May your roots run true and deep Take your strength from Al-Habib. Be a blazing fire of truth Be his soothing bond of peace. Aisay Deewanay Bhi Hain Manqabat. Give life and love to Al-Habib And stand before Allah. Allah Allah Shah-E-Konain.

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So be humble as the lowly earth That all creatures walk upon. Watch or Listen Madani Channel anywhere in the world on your Android device.

We will inshaAllah upload the Naats here. In this Holy Naat application you will find out the all times best naats and nasheeds in Audio section and Video section has all the latest Naats in Urdu. You can even download Naats by clicking the download icon in front of each Naat.

Audio beautiful naat collection. All Beautiful Urdu Naat are free and works offline. They must be functional Muslims. Aao Mil Kar Jashne Viladat. If you are a melodious Naat-Khawan and want to see your Naats at eNaats, upload your Naats on Youtube and email us the links.

Let your kindness flow like rivers Quench the thirst of all who come. Allahumma Salle Ala Sayyedina. Hold fast to the company Of the folk of certainty. And let ocean deep your wisdom be Your heart a lantern spreading peace.

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