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You can also send e-mail to your contacts from the Easy Address Book interface. On the Home tab, in the Find group, choose Address Book. Search Search function will search your address entries and display a list of any entries found that contain your search criteria. Existing address books are listed. There are multiple interface styles that help you to quickly view your contacts in card style and save your time in retrieving contacts.

These contacts are displayed in the Address Book dialog box when you click Contacts in the Address Book list. May God bless your company more. Select your label format and your addresses are automatically aligned and ready to print.

In addition, with My Personal Address Book you can get a map and driving directions to the addresses in your address book, and you can display a reminder list of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. Enter one or more letters in the Find text box to quickly find a name in the address book or use the search function.

It is the best I have ever seen. Seems I paid for something that will not work. Choose Fields for Labels If you need to print something other than name and address - no problem. If any birthdays or anniversaries are within the range when the program starts, the Birthday and Anniversary Reminders Screen will be displayed. The application also offers you to store your contacts in groups so that you can easily organize them and use it with efficiency.

What would you like to do? Pros It's intuitive and easy to inatall and use.

It works, but we recommend that you look for an address book program with better navigation. The application comes with easy to use features, which are efficient and you can easily define your fields and categories. Select your envelope size and your addresses are automatically aligned and ready to print. Cons I tried the custom install, unchecking all the options available.

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Only one phone number can be displayed on a label. Easy to read, easy to enter. Once I got all the names and address entered into the program marked as the lists each one is on, my work load was cut down a great deal. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

It is functional as an address book, but why in the world is there no cover page? You can save all your personal and business phone numbers, emails, faxes, web pages, addresses, customer notes in a simple application.

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You can sort your large number of data with this software quickly, as this application helps you to sort your list of contacts by any column in your address book. Email us at Support ElwoodSoftware. With our address book software, you won't have to hand address anything. If you want to add names or email addresses, springbok radio see Add people to the address book. The Global Address List is automatically configured with an Exchange account.

Cons Can not really think about any negative aspect of this cute utility. Option to turn-on reminders to alert you of upcoming birthdays. Pros Easy to use, complete, place for notes Cons not able to switch to last name first vs first last. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action.

Love to stick with it even if it is going to cost me money. You can create custom fields, where can store insurance information, loan data, hosting information etc.

Quite easy to handle and pleasing to the eye. Grab your stuff while you still can. The city and state are automatically filled in when a zip is entered and phone numbers are auto formatted.

Pictures must be moved separately. Custom Addressbook even enables you to define your own addressbook from layout to fields. Pros Gives flexibility in viewing the details of each contact.

Was this information helpful? Email Lists, Graphics, and Recipe Pictures must also be moved manually.

Features An unlimited number of address books to hold your address information. We finally found a close option by scrolling over to the far corner of the window. Add, edit and save your contacts details with this free ware in your computer and you will less prone to losing them.