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In this show Rishi was Shabbir n Varun was Manish. You must be angry with me. Suddenly Gunjan came wearing what he gave her. Suddenly he held her preventing her from falling down. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Shall we go back to the party. It was only an infatuation. Geet walked towards him and slipped. Chot tujhko lage gi, dard dil me uthega. Because I rejected you ignoring your love.

They both went inside smiling. The person I thought I loved rejected me. Mouli never expected him to tell that to Pihu. Jisme teri khushi hai, woh ghadi mujhko pyari.

Why should I be angry with you? You look very cute while smiling. They shared a sweet eye lock.

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Even if I try to be angry with you I can never be angry with you Geet. Mouli and Sarla were shocked. Ishaan and Preet have escaped miraculously.

Now I understand what the pain of rejection is. All the couples went to the dance floor. Daal denge apko humari adat aisi, ki apko aaine me bhi hum nazar ayenge. Ishaan and Preet got discharged from the hospital.

Sujal Kashish Free Videos Search And Play

Sujal Kashish Free Videos Search And Play

Ranvi was looking for Gunjan. Varun enquired about where Mouli is staying and about her family from her neighbours. You look very beautiful Gunjan. Let us have a party tomorrow.

Rishi was out of mood as Mouli took leave. The whole room was decorated with balloons. Geet was crying in her room.

How can I forget those beautiful moments? Preet was looking out through the window and was lost in some thoughts.

Rishi looked at Mouli and smiled. He looked at her and her hand on him. He wanted me to marry his son Kunal. Hum to hawa ke jhonke hain gujar jayenge. Is it the beginning of obstacles?

You need to visit Mouli frequently to know about her personal life. He smiled coming towards her. Now also you both are shy? This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Mouli gave her a Barbie doll. Then why should I be angry with you?

Ek halchal si jaane, Kyun rahe mere mann mein Kuch samajh mein naa aye, Kya karoon hoon uljhan mein. Ek taraf dosti hai, adobe flash player10 2 ek taraf pyar mera.

Unknowingly he moved towards her and wiped her tears. Rejection is common in love. We have to celebrate this occasion. Means she is not staying with her husband.


They both danced together hesitantly but romantically. Please tell me as soon as possible. Ranvi smiled hearing her call him Ranvi.

This is how I am going to take revenge. Anything can happen to anyone. But I broke his heart because of my huge crush on Ranvi. What ind of a friend you are!

Suddenly Mehek held his hand. Ek humsayaa mera, Ek hai purchayee.

Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Sad Sujal Kashish Heart Touching Whatsapp Status

Gunjan looked at Ranvi emotionally. He was mesmerized in her beauty. Mehek stood at the garden. Still I am not able to forget her.

Tu hi ye mujhko bata de Chahun main ya naa Apne tu dil ka pata de Chahun main ya naa. What are you thinking Preet?

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