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He appeared to have negative view about it. But he is also known as an artist and an art lover. It was like he went to her account and scroll down to see her old pics, and then he likes most of her pics. He said he wants a family of his own in the future.

Despite wanting to use his stage name when acting, believing it reflects his professional side more, he is often billed with his real name, with his stage name included in parenthesis. Before the rumors even made into news articles, some fans are buzzing because of a lot of things.

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The movie is scheduled for release in China. But first, lets get to know about Asia Chow.

But he seems to have changed his view after working with actors who got married and built a happy family. Since some fans seem to not know about it, a timeline would probably be handy.

He made a donation to the Seungil Hope Foundation, a Korean non-profit organization that promotes aiding of the disease. Into the Fire was well-received, earning him several Best New Actor awards at local award giving bodies. And he also feels uncomfortable both putting a burden on his girlfriend and her becoming a burden on him. Haven't post the pics for this post cause omg why is it so hard to post a pic and resize them to a decent size here? It is a supportive evidence that he has served as an idol thoroughly.

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At first, they were just good friends but the friendship developed to romance after having dozens of conversations together as actors. The media reported an article with an image which claims that T.

Not much details were given, but he stated he no longer wants a partner who drinks. You can even see that the floor tiles on her pic and in his pic is similar.

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Michael Chow is the name behind the famous restaurant chain, Mr. The pair got closer through T.

When he participated in a press conference for the global project Secret Message, he was asked where he would recommend as a dating spot for the Japanese actress Juri Ueno. In mid, it was revealed Min-a was dating Kim Woo-bin. After that pic, nothing much happened, until a few weeks later. Responding to the question, legal age for dating uk he suggested Han River and stated there is no river as beautiful as it.