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As you can see, this works very much like how you use an ordinary Iterator when iterating over a collection. Support for non-namespace-aware documents is optional. You can then call methods directly on the cursor to obtain more information about the current event.

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All implementations must support namespaces. The printName and printNamespaces methods are discussed in other sections. Use the getNamespaceCount method to return the number of namespaces declared for the current event, and use the count in a loop that iterates over the list.

If the current event is an end element, the count refers to the number of namespaces that are about to go out of scope. This means that when you add an Attribute or a Namespace to a stream, it is appended the current StartElement event. So, what is the difference between these two readers? Use the getAttributeCount method to return the number of attributes of the current element and use the count in a loop that iterates over the list of attributes.

This factory references the javax. This event element is immutable, and can be parsed around to other parts of your application.

Binding prefixes can be handled by either passing the actual value for the prefix, by using the setPrefix method, or by setting the property for defaulting namespace declarations. Reading Namespaces Similar to reading attributes, namespaces are read using an Iterator created by calling the getNamespaces method on the StartElement interface. Only the namespace for the current StartElement is returned, dating nuts uk and an application can get the current namespace context by using StartElement. One that looks most like using an Iterator and one that looks most like using a ResultSet.

Use the getTextLength method to get the length of the sequence of characters within the text character array. You can also hang on to earlier event objects when iterating to the next event. Finally, use the getTextCharacters method to return this character array for the current event.

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The printName and printAttributes methods are discussed in other sections. The method does not include namespaces in the count.

Prefixes go out of scope after the corresponding EndElement for the event in which they are bound. Required Requires the processor to coalesce adjacent character data. The printNamespaces and printAttributes methods are discussed in other sections. Use the getTextStart method to get the offset into the text character array where the first character of the current text event is stored.