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Click Ok button for the prompt. Choose a Windows Experience option. Then I get only a dark blue screen on attempting to restart. Of the four options I explored, I found that Parallels is far and away the most painless to configure, even if it does require you to shell out more of your hard-earned cash. Distill these numbers to their essence, and what you have are two fast, capable ways of running Windows on your Mac.

Now get ready to lose some hard drive space! Parallels Desktop, on the other hand, requires one license per machine, and it uses activation to check those serial numbers.

Click Continue again and give the disk a name and a maximum size. To get around that you need to edit the Info. So instead of picking one program over the other based on how well it performs a given task, the choice now hinges on some more subjective factors. Click Continue to review again and then Start. To launch it, go to Utilities and click on Boot Camp Assistant to open it.

Close the Settings window and your virtual machine shows a movie-like start arrow. Both of their preferences panels are reasonably well organized, doing a decent job of categorizing the various settings. We are going to use the Boot Camp Assistant software available on Mac. In addition, two background processes continue to run after you quit Parallels. VirtualBox is slower and much less elegant than the other virtualization options, but it is free.

Manually install all required drivers one-by-one. Select a language, and Parallels will then even provide the activation code for you.

Instead, they remain within the Fusion application bundle and automatically activate on subsequent launches. In my comparison, Fusion comes out ahead four wins, two losses, and three ties. And in that case it makes more sense to treat the windows the way Fusion does. Fusion offers a similar program, but you have to opt in, not out.

Download Windows 8.1 Disc Image (ISO File)

Boot Camp is able to partition your disk without losing any data. There is a trial version available. Once launched, click Continue button on the introduction screen to see the list of options available for your Mac. Both programs have in-app updating now, so that portion of the routine has gotten simpler than it was in the past. CrossOver's vendor, CodeWeavers, maintains a list of compatible apps.

Download Windows 8.1 Disc Image (ISO File)Download Windows Disc Image (ISO File)

Well I tired it out anyway and it worked flawlessly. And she does it all on her beloved iMac and sometimes her MacBook Air.

One way to do this is to install Windows in a virtual machine on your Macintosh using Parallels Desktop. In the Where do you want to install Windows? If you want to explore operating systems other than Windows, total er software Fusion offers a much broader universe of alternatives. Download and install Parallels Desktop for your Mac. Remember to make note of the activation code.

So which virtualization solution should you purchase? Note that, for the most part, I've focused primarily on using these programs to run Windows on your Mac.

You can find a free trial of the software at parallels. Fast, stable, and highly customizable way to run Windows on a Mac. These values you can retrive from the System Information application in utilities.

Click Continue button to proceed to the next step. Fusion left and Parallels right take slightly different approaches to their preferences windows. Launch bootcamp assitant again and option will appears.

Running Windows 8 on your MacWindows 8 for Mac - Microsoft Community

Launch Boot Camp Assistant. Boot Camp Assistant now takes you to Create a partition for Windows window. Launch Boot Camp Assistant software.

Install windows 8 on Mac with or without using CD/DVD

In my testing, it handily outperformed Fusion, especially on newer titles. If you uncheck the bit Windows version box at the bottom, Parallels will download the bit version instead. When you switch on your Mac, hold down the Alt key or Option key to see an option to boot into Windows or Mac. Some users may prefer one over the other, but I find they both work reasonably well. When you first launch Fusion, it asks for your administrative password and activates its extensions.

How to Install Windows 8.1 on a Mac